Now offering Senior Sessions in Cincinnati!

We are OVER THE MOON to announce that we’re now taking Senior Sessions! We’ve always had a passion for all types of photography, but our hearts have been pulled in the direction of seniors for a while. We finally decided that now is as good a time as any to dive into these super fun sessions full steam.

Of course, we’ll still be doing weddings too! There are actually quite a few parallels between the two if you really think about it.  They’re incredible milestone moments in your life and deserve to be captured beautifully!

Now, first, we have to say- as a senior, you have been working on your tush off over the last four years to FINISH this crazy journey called high school. It’s HARD work. And life is about to get insane for you. Flying the coop takes courage and guts. It can be a little scary but really exciting too. Allow us to give you virtual high-fives! And let’s also say, while you’re in this moment- when you can see the finish line, the “the end” at the end of the high school chapter, you should capture ALL the emotions.

Treat yourself to an afternoon of FUN.  Pick your favorite spot, get dressed up or dapper-ed (we know that isn’t really a word) up and let’s PLAY! Let’s capture the memories and moments that will seem like an eternity away by the time you finish college or get your first job.

We’re totally game for just about anything- so if you have an idea in mind for your session, let’s hear it! If you don’t have a clue (other than you want one), we’re happy to brainstorm with you! We know Cinci’s best spots and will be sure your session is awesome!

Book your senior session today and show everyone that you’re #livingyourbestlife