Cincinnati Wedding Venue – The Monastery Event Center

When you walk into The Monastery Event Center you are enchanted by the beauty and elegance. It’s almost as if you had just stepped into a venue somewhere in Europe. It is open and spacious and full of history. It is a wedding venue of every bride’s dream!

We were so happy to have the opportunity to visit with Lindsey and Meghan and learn more about this gorgeous venue.  We learned so much about the history but we also loved listening to them as they talked about the brides and grooms they take care of. They truly love each couple that shares their wedding day with them and are passionate about what they do.  Heres what they shared with us:

Q – What do you love most about your venue?

A – The History. Its hard to get people to fully understand that there is 125 years here. Your seeing paint from 1895. It sat vacant from 1979 to 2015 and we had it updated just so it was up to code. We kept as much as we could when we did the renovation. The brick, the archways, the paint in the front of the building are all original. The medallions that the chandeliers hang from are original. Rot iron columns on entry way weren’t touched. Original wood timbers. There’s lots of memories here. We meet people who went to church here, baptized here. We have brides getting married here who has grandparents that were married here. That’s what makes our venue unique and what people fall in love with.

Q – Favorite moment during ceremony or reception?

A – I love ceremonies.  Every ceremony is different. The memories are fabulous. I love the little ones walking down the aisle and meeting the family. I love meeting with the couples early on and hearing their vision throughout. Its exciting and feels personal to us because we do work with them for such a long period of time. I also love the room flips. It’s the biggest sense of teamwork I’ve ever felt and that’s really the point your putting that vision into motion. We do this in 45 minutes. Last weekend we did one of our biggest flips. 10 people on the floor working while the band was setting up. To look up after 45 minutes and see that is all done is really rewarding. Seeing the guests reaction when they come into the room is always fabulous. Its all fun and its all unique.

Q – What gets your most excited?

A – The connection with each couple. Being able to connect with their personalities and with their parents. I love getting to know the vision and seeing it happen the day of and just knowing you played a part, even if it was the smallest role. It is so rewarding to hear at the end of the night that everything was fabulous and the guests loved it.

Q – A tip for a couple getting married that is looking for their perfect wedding venue?

A – I relate it to college. When visiting a college campus my mom would always look at me and say “Can you feel yourself being here?” You have to feel comfortable with it throughout the way. We always say whether you go with us or with another venue you have to feel comfortable with that person.  They play such a large role. And you don’t want to feel regretful. Or feel like you weren’t getting your answers when you need them.  Our touch points with the couples that we book range anywhere from 20 to 200 plus which would be the amount of times you see them, or emails you exchange. They need to feel comfortable with the staff as well as the venue. But really I think it comes down to how you feel when you are in the venue. Do you see yourself on your wedding day? Do you see all of your guests here? I’ve had a lot of people come in here and say we were getting ready to sign a contract with this location and it just didn’t feel right so we kept looking and this is it.  I do think its an instinct.  You have to listen to your heart. All inclusive makes it nice for them.

Q – One thing you would like every couple to know before their wedding?

A – You don’t need to stress the little things. Don’t get caught up on the little details when it’s the overall big picture that is going to be beautiful.

Q – Describe your venue in 6 adjectives

A – historic, charming, all inclusive, elegant, bright, European

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